Electrical Packages

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"I need electricity in my shed too!" No need to worry! We can set up your shed to be hooked up for electricity after delivery. This is ideal for workshops, offices, and cabins. Don't hassle with running extension cords to your new structure from your home. Whether it be few receptacles or the full works, we run all the wiring for you. An Electrical Inspection Certificate may be required. 


Your Electrical Options:

1. Lights: - Single bulb

- Jelly jar lens

- Carriage style

- Hanging florescent

- Flood lights

2. Ceiling Fan with Light

3. Receptacles:
     Inside or weatherproof outside

4. Phone and Cable Jacks

5. Baseboard Heater


Four Different Electrical Packages Available

Electrical packages available with varying breaker boxes.
Standard number of bulbs, switches, and receptacles in 
each package vary according to structure size. Packages 
include #12 Romex (yellow plastic coating) wire, plastic
boxes, 20-amp rated outlets, switches, trim plates, and
bulbs. Wires are stapled to the wall and the structure is
electric tested.


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